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Lantern Preschool was started in 1989 by Redland Parish Church in Bristol, with the aim of providing a first class preschool education for children in the local community.

We provide a broad and balanced early childhood curriculum that encourages imaginative play, creative skills and constructive abilities. We meet in a light, airy, modern hall with access to a large landscaped garden and play area.


Lantern News

We are delighted that Lantern has been awarded the Bristol Standard, a national award that is a recognition of excellence. 

"In using the Bristol Standard, practitioners become part of a process that protects and celebrates the wonder of childhood through well-informed and reflective practice."

Congratulations and thanks to Liz and the Lantern staff who have worked hard to achieve this recognition.


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Did you know?

Britons watch more TV and read less than any other country in the EU. Children watching TV can miss out on the vivid descriptive and sensory words which occur in story books.

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